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Dedicated to helping children in need of medical attention since 1983, the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has committed time and money into continuing the future medical attention and happiness of children everywhere.

Centra Virginia Baptist and Centra Lynchburg General Hospitals belong to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and treat babies and children from throughtout the region.  Children's Miracle Network Hospitals locally provides pediatric and neonatal medical equipment, facilities, and transportation equipment for the hospitals.

Our Mission

The Mission of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

babyChildren's Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds that stay locally to help treat babies and children at Centra Virginia Baptist and Centra Lynchburg General Hospital.

Over the past several years we have:

  • Provided a new neonatal ambulance for the Intensive Care Nursery at Virginia Baptist Hospital.
  • Created the Pediatric Center at Lynchburg General Hospital.
  • Created the Center for Childbirth and Family Education at Virginia Baptist.
  • Provided equipment for the helicopter to airlift premature infants and babies under six months to Lynchburg General.
  • We're now creating a Pediatric Pod in the Emergency Department at Lynchburg General.
  • We can't help babies & kids without your support - thank you! 
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